New Hampshire man who bit police puppy on head is captured

A New Hampshire man has been charged with standing up to capture what’s more, gnawing a police dog.
Police say the man unsuccessfully attempted to stow away under a heap of garments to dodge capture over the end of the week what’s more, at that point put the police canine in a chokehold what’s more, bit it on the head.
State trooper Daniel Livingstone what’s more, his German Shepherd K9 unit Veda joined Boscawen, New Hampshire, police to react to a shooting incident.
As those on the scene attempted to secure it, it was uncovered that a individual was stowing away in the trailer in the back of property.
Two men inside the trailer – both with remarkable warrants – were standing up to arrest.
Eventually one, the home owner, was capable to pick up section to the trailer by breaking a glass door, be that as it may the man declined to hand himself over.
When Veda was sent into the trailer, she rapidly found the man who was stowing away under a heap of clothes.
The man at that point was said to have been kicking at both the puppy what’s more, troopers some time recently putting Veda in a chokehold what’s more, gnawing her on the head.

Police haven’t discharged the men’s names. They say the man who bit the canine faces charges counting standing up to arrest, meddling with a police puppy what’s more, attacking an officer.
The New Hampshire Canine Trooper’s Affiliation posted a photograph of Veda

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