Smaller than normal driver gets dragged along by truck in Sydney

The stunning minute a Small scale Cooper driver gets dragged along by a truck has been gotten on camera.
The episode happened at the convergence of Sam Johnson Way what’s more, Epping Street in Sydney’s north.
The film was transferred to Facebook gathering Dash Cam Proprietors Australia on Monday.
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‘Might have been better off just going left,’ the dash cam proprietor said of the incident.
Video appears the blue Smaller than normal cooper voyaging north in the cleared out path at the intersection.
The driver chooses they don’t need to turn cleared out what’s more, tries to sneak in front of a expansive truck on the right without utilizing an indicator.
With the Smaller than expected midway over the lane, the truck comes to a stop in traffic.
But it shows up the truck driver doesn’t take note the little car, what’s more, at the point when it takes off once more hammers into the Smaller than normal what’s more, drags it along for about 10 metres.
Shockingly they don’t stop what’s more, both proceed voyaging north down Epping Road.
The video has pulled in a number of comments, with numerous guarding the truck driver’s actions.
‘I drive a level nose truck what’s more, I’m not indeed beyond any doubt I would have seen him with how close this fellow was. Great work to the truckie,’ one Facebook client said.
But others shielded the auto driver.
‘I think that truckie done it on purpose. You can see that he keeps going,’ a Facebook client said.

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