Brisbane retiree wins $100,000 after finding a overlooked lotto ticket in a reusable shopping bag

A retiree has took $100,000 after finding a overlooked scratchie at the base of a reusable shopping bag.
The Brisbane man, who routinely purchases lottery tickets, faltered upon the $5 Precious stone Dazzler Scratch-It lotto he didn’t know existed.
He scratched the card what’s more, hit the jackpot.
The lotto winner, who inquired for his personality to be concealed, said he would utilize the cash to pay off his contract what’s more, go on a Mediterranean cruise.
The fortunate ticket had been purchased from Oxford Road News in Bulimba.
The excited man guaranteed his prize on Wednesday what’s more, told a Gold Coffin official he had no thought he could be so fortunate.
‘We regularly purchase Moment Scratch-Its each couple of weeks, yet this one we just gotten what’s more, overlooked it was there. Just as well we checked that bag,’ he said.
The champ said he had never played that specific scratchie some time recently what’s more, was not beyond any doubt at to begin with in the event that he required to scratch more than one image for a prize.
‘I read the back numerous times to attempt what’s more, make sure,’ he said.
‘Once we saw marry won, we didnt indeed trouble scratching off the rest of the ticket as I saw this was the top prize! You cant win any more than the top prize.’
He will be celebrating his fortunate win over supper with family what’s more, friends.
It was not just the retiree’s to begin with time win with the Jewel Dazzler Scratch-it.
Oxford Road News proprietor Donna Bradshaw said she had never sold a top prize Scratch-Its before.
‘Weve sold a maybe a couple to start with divisions, be that as it may its incredible to at long last have an Moment Scratch-Its top prize under our belt. We can tick the box!’ she said.
There were 158 Moment Scratch-Its top prize champs all in all who took home more than $11.28 million last budgetary year.

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