Greatest burger chain in Japan plans enormous Australian extension be that as it may their buns are made of rice

The greatest burger chain in Japan behind McDonald’s is set to open 100 new stores in Australia inside five years.
MOS Burger, which will serves their burgers on signature rice buns, as of now has six stores in the nation yet all of them are in Queensland.
Australian venture director for the company, Vincent Cheng, said the little number of stores so far has permitted them to learn about the showcase alter their menu for nearby tastes.
‘Twenty a long time back parts of individuals didn’t like sushi, yet that has all changed what’s more, individuals are attempting new things. That is positive for us,’ Cheng told The Dispatch Mail.
Among the menu things are a smoked salmon what’s more, avocado sushi burger, which is served on a bun made of rice what’s more, wrapped in seaweed, a BBQ hamburger sushi burger, what’s more, a firm angle lettuce wrap.
To lead the development into the Australian market, MOS has designated previous McDonald’s official Tom Buoyant as their General Manager.
‘It is extremely vital to keep that Japanese flavour. The premium burger showcase is saturated,’ Buoyant said.
The organization was established in 1972 by Satoshi Sakurada after he worked at a US venture organization in the 1960s what’s more, frequented American cheeseburger restaurants.
The name comes from Sakurada’s unique organization ‘Merchandising Sorting out System,’ however, it presently stands for ‘Mountain, Ocean, Sun’ in line with the company’s sound sustenance focus.
The quick sustenance goliath is worth $560 million what’s more, has stores over Japan as well as in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, what’s more, South Korea.

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