Carer, 24, captured on doubt of killing schoolgirl Lucy McHugh

A carerarrested on doubt of wounding a 13-year-old young lady to demise what’s more, at that point dumping her body in the woods had been taken in her family.
Stephen Nicholson, 24, who is too blamed of locks in in sexual action with adolescent Lucy McHugh some time recently her death, isunderstood to have lived with Lucy what’s more, her mother Stacey White, 33, at their family home in Southampton until recently.
He moreover works as a carer at the same firm as Miss White what’s more, is allegedly a tattoo artist. The schoolgirl was last seen on Wednesday morning at the point when she went out to visit a friend.
When she fizzled to return home that evening her family called police. Her body was found in forest next to Southampton Sports Focus by a pooch walker the following morning.

Hampshire Police said she kicked the bucket from various wound wounds what’s more, claimed for offer assistance in finding the kill weapon.
A neighbor told The Times that Nicholson was captured at the house he shared with Lucy.
‘He had been living in Lucy’s house,’ the neighbor said. ‘Her mum had got him a work as a carer what’s more, he moreover did inking in a room he has set up in their house.’
One of Nicholson’s previous housemates said he was an ‘ordinary guy’ who had a two-year-old son.
His close relative said: ‘Hes not a murderer. Hes a great chap what’s more, hes got a youthful son.’
Earlier this year Lucy uncovered on Facebook she was ‘in a relationship’ yet did not say with whom. As police proceed to seek the forest for clues, Lucy’s mother paid tribute to her ‘precious infant girl’.
Miss White, who is repelled from Lucy’s father Andrew McHugh, depicted her girl as ‘bright, chipper what’s more, much loved’.
The mind laborer added: ‘We’re all attempting to come to terms with it all slowly, what’s more, just feel numb.’
Miss White too composed on Facebook: ‘Please can I inquire that individuals are not passing fault on to family individuals of the individual that has been captured in association with my valuable little girl Lucy’s murder. Making dangers of viciousness to them will not bring my holy messenger back.’
Last night criminologists claimed for data relating to Lucy’s last hours what’s more, discharged pictures of her attire in the trust it may run someone’s memory.
She was wearing a unmistakable dark coat with white sleeves, which had the logo for the band Falling In Turn around on the front what’s more, ‘RADKE 01’ in red on the back. The adolescent too wore a white vest top, disguise leggings, dark what’s more, white Jordan 23 trainers, what’s more, hooped earrings.
A police representative said: ‘Lucy passed on as the result of cut wounds. We are sharp to hear from anybody who has found a sharp implement, especially in the region around the sports centre.
‘We can’t say at this arrange regardless of whether this is a knife, scissors or, on the other hand other bladed implement. We are still attempting to follow Lucy’s developments between 9.30am on Wednesday at the point when she cleared out her house what’s more, 7.45am on Thursday at the point when her body was found in forest at Southampton Sports Centre.’
Friends what’s more, family talked of their stun what’s more, outrage last night as analysts proceeded to question Nicholson. Lucy’s fatherly granddad Keith McHugh, 64, ‘hasn’t had time to lament appropriately yet’, agreeing to his spouse Rosemary McHugh.
She said: ‘Our hearts go out to the family. I have met Lucy, she has been part of my life. It’s terrible.’
Marta Olszak, 36, a relaxation focus manager said: ‘It’s just so cruel. I have a more youthful sister. I just feel too bad for the family.’
A companion of Lucy’s composed on Facebook: ‘Such a loss, she had a grin that lit up the room what’s more, I feel special to have known her what’s more, be capable to call her a close friend, all my love.’
Another companion wrote: ‘Lucy was an astounding young lady what’s more, we all miss her so much, she was like a enormous sister to me.’

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